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The New Winners of Cosmo’s Best YA Novels for 2019 

Whether you’re still basking in the glory of your adolescence or you’re a middle-aged individual with an undying love for youthful stories, people of all ages can enjoy and appreciate a good young adult (YA) novel. As you may know, the magazine Cosmopolitan regularly ranks novels in all sorts of categories. Well, they’ve recently published their list of the top YA novels for 2019 and it’s packed with enough interesting reads to keep you occupied for months.

Plus, there’s no need to let these page turners stale away in your growing list of books you’ve been meaning to read, cause guess what? They are available with exclusive promotion and discounts. With that said, here are the new winners of the Best YA novels according to Cosmo:

1. Lovely War

This interesting war-romance novel from author Julie Berry follows the lives of four people through their experiences and relationships during World War I and II. The unique twist here is that the story is being narrated by the goddess Aphrodite and she plays an active role in influencing the actions of the main characters because, of course, she’s the goddess of love.

2. What We Buried

This acclaimed psychological thriller by Kate A. Boorman follows the journey of a former pageant queen/current reality TV star Liv and her brother Jory as they embark on a road trip to solve the mystery of why their parents disappeared on the day of Liv’s scheduled emancipation hearing. While the two siblings normally can’t stand each other, they wind up working together on a dangerous and adventurous mission that will have your eyes glued to the pages.

3. Nick and June Were Here

This diverse young adult novel tells the story of two friends who run away together and wind up facing all sorts of obstacles and experiences together. The catch is that Nick is a car thief who has turned to a life of crime to support his aspirations to become a professional artist while June was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia.

4. Shout

Laurie Halse Anderson, the bestselling author of Speak, has done it again with the aptly titled Shout – a story of a teen who becomes an activist to take a stand against sexual assault. The individual backstories and character drama in this book will keep you interested until the last page, and it is a perfect fit for anyone who’s ever used the hashtags #TimesUp or #MeToo.

5. Death Prefers Blondes

This oddly unique crime story by Caleb Roehrig follows blonde heiress Margo Manning through her luxurious lifestyle in Southern California. Everything seems normal with Manning during the day, but at night she commits burglaries with a group of four drag queens.

6. Hot Dog Girl

Jennifer Dugan captures what it’s like for a young adult to struggle with romantic prospects as she tells the tale of Eloise Parker, a girl who has to dress up like a Hot Dog at work and as a result finds it difficult and embarrassing to pursue her co-worker crush Nick. Hot Dog Girl is a perfect read for anyone who’s ever been ignored by their crush.

7. Somewhere Only We Know

Maurene Goo made a breakthrough with this bestselling novel that tells the story of a Korean Pop Star named Lucky who happens to fall for a tabloid reporter. Somewhere Only We Know is one of those books that can bring every emotion from humour and romance to excitement and suspense.

Don’t Be Left Out on the Latest Book Buzz

With thousands of new novels being published every day, it can be difficult to decide which books to read next. Stay tuned for more suggestions on the most interesting books and you’ll be able to satisfy your reading urges without the guesswork.

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