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A Cosmo Exclusive on the Age Old Ebook vs Printed Book Debate

One of the great debates of our times is surely the debate between which is better, traditional printed books or digital eBooks? There are lots of passionate proponents on both sides – we at Cosmo know that the staff here are pretty divided on the issue. On the one hand, a physical book is an actual object that you can hold and feel. Physical books come with special covers and bindings, meaning you can get special editions of your favourites.

On the other hand, no one can deny the convenience that eBooks offer. Regardless of the device you read on, buying eBooks is a fast and painless process. Digital libraries are often just as extensive as you would expect a traditional book library to be. If you are used to buying books on Amazon, you will be used to having a large number of titles at your fingertips. Most online libraries can replicate this, but it depends exactly where you shop.

Which is preferred now? Is it the smooth texture and smell of paperback? Or are the new winners in our heart, the convenience and efficiency brought by ebook readers? Cosmo takes a dip on this age-old debate of eBooks vs print book.

Print Books

The main reason that people prefer printed books is because they represent an actual physical object that the owner can possess. A digital book is something intangible that can only be read as long as you have a device that can read the specific file format. A book is always there and is always available, it can’t run out of batteries, nor can its hard drive become corrupt.

Physical books also have a unique feel and smell. For many people, buying books is something that they have numerous memories of. For constant readers, major events in life are tied to the books we read and therefore they take on a very special significance. Feeling or smelling a book can trigger those memories and buying books can become almost ritualistic in nature.

Another advantage of printed books is that you can physically flick through the pages. This makes them much better suited for certain things. Any kind of book that you might want to flick through rather than reading cover to cover is often better as a printed book.


We at Cosmo know a number of different ways that you can get discounted books. With eBooks, you can save a lot of money by taking advantage of an exclusive promotion. Head over to Project Gutenberg and you can get your hands on 150 free public domain books or more. With printed books, even public domain texts will cost money because there will be costs involved in printing the book.

If you find yourself needing to downsize your book collection, as many of us do at some stage in our lives, an e-reader might be the ideal solution. Buying books digitally will save you a lot of space; you’ll only need enough space to store the device you read on.

Which is Better?

So, which are the new winners? Well, that depends entirely on your personal preference. Some people find reading in digital format to be more difficult. If you are completely married to physical books, you should read those. However, if you find reading digital books just as easy, you can save space and money with an e-reader.

The main thing is that you are enjoying the reading experience. As long as you’re happy reading, nothing else matters. You should, therefore, pick the reading format that feels most comfortable for you. In either case, there are plenty of ways of getting your hands on discounted books – check out Cosmo exclusive guides for more.

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