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When is the Best Time to Buy Books to Enjoy Exclusive Promotions?

For us book lovers, there are few things in life as enjoyable as getting lost in a good book. But reading is also an increasingly expensive habit. And those are just the books that we buy for ourselves; many people also have to factor in the cost of college textbooks. Spending money on books isn’t a problem if you enjoy reading enough, but it’s still always better to save money where you can.

You’ve deduced that you got 150 free hours this summer break for your reading time and calculated that you also don’t have enough money. That is why we, at Cosmo, tried to analyze the most probable time to score book discounts.

After the Holidays

The best time to buy books is immediately after Christmas. Christmas is the busiest shopping period of the year and, as such, it is when stores expect to sell through most of their stock. The stock that doesn’t sell over the Christmas period will likely be heavily discounted in the immediate aftermath of the holiday. Cosmo recommends that if you can’t get your books in an exclusive promotion over Christmas, you should wait until the new year’s sales to see if the items you want are discounted then.

After Christmas is a great time to take advantage of sales, but don’t forget about Black Friday. Black Friday is the biggest single shopping day of the year and has gotten bigger in recent years. Not only are Black Friday sales available in a variety of retailers, but online retailers are also getting in on the action. However, Black Friday and Christmas are both some way off. In the meantime, enjoy 150 free books or more by visiting Project Gutenberg. They have a library of public domain books that are always free.

College Textbooks

It’s the time of year when students are going to begin thinking about their college textbooks. For many students, the cost of these textbooks is one of their largest unavoidable expenses. In order to get the best deals possible on textbooks and minimise the amount of money that you have to spend on them, you should be careful about where and when you buy your textbooks.

The best time to buy textbooks, according to research conducted by Extrabux, is between August 20th and August 26th. Alternatively, try January 7th through to January 13th. Conversely, the worst time to buy textbooks – when they will be at their most expensive – is between November 19th and November 25th, as well as April 9th through to April 15th. The reason for this is supposedly very simple – supply and demand.

The best time to buy textbooks is when demand for products is high. Many textbooks today are sold through Amazon and similar platforms, often by businesses who set their prices automatically. Online retailers want to be able to sell their products as cheaply as possible while still making a profit. It is, therefore, a good idea to wait until everyone else is buying their textbooks to also buy your own.


If you want to get yourself some heavily discounted books, you should check eBook libraries. You will often be able to find digital versions of books that are much cheaper than the print version. This isn’t a hard and fast rule; sometimes digital books are more expensive. However, platforms like ManyBooks also enable authors to sell their books in digital format for a one-time fee. This library is therefore a great place to find cheap books.

If you know where and when to look, you can find plenty of cheap book options. If you need to buy some college textbooks, make sure that you shop around and try and hold off until the right time of year if possible.

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